I created a video showing you how to create captions .srt file on Visual Studio Code editor and then upload it on Desktop Twitter along with the video. https://twitter.com/vphreak/status/1429965485...
I was exploring the Text to Speech API on Android. Here's the demo of the app. https://twitter.com/vphreak/status/1427716734547468291?s=20
I shared my best tweets in a blog post including Programming Concept in ASL, Computer Science, subtitles thread, and talking about accessibility. https://blog.vphreak.net/my-best-tweets
I created an ASCII -> Binary converter. https://twitter.com/vphreak/status/1417576229641744385?s=20
My first Pull Request for RainforestQA chrome extension. I fixed a bug🐞 yaya! https://github.com/rainforestapp/tester-chrome-extension/pull/364
I did a PR for RainforestQA chrome extension by adding context menu for selecting options. https://github.com/rainforestapp/tester-chrome-extension/pull/763
I'm creating Visual Studio Code extension this weekend. It will include the new subtitles format I created and also video preview on the side. It will make the workflow easier on creating subtitles...
I did a PR for RainforestQA on adding sound notification functionality to their Chrome extension app. https://github.com/rainforestapp/tester-chrome-extension/pull/599
I created an example project to help solve someone's coding problem. https://github.com/sweeneyapps/html2rssfeed
It's me being proud of my dad's achievement. He won the Chili 🌶 competition!
I was a 80s kid, having fun and drinking water from the water hose in the backyard.
I created an animation for my future blog post on algorithms showing how to differentiate 2 arrays together. https://twitter.com/vphreak/status/1412281477413302276?s=20
In this blog post, I am exploring LISP programming for the first time and learned how to create defined function and used some LISP's math functions. Also, using format function to output the text ...
I created a video explaining how to import subtitles from Youtube to Twitter. https://twitter.com/vphreak/status/1402326521692377088?s=20
I highlighted a clip of my raw video response my experience at Apple's WWDC21 event. https://twitter.com/vphreak/status/1403716110436950023?s=20
I wrote a thread on how Apple can improve on accessibility for deaf developers at their WWDC21 event and it's useful for many other companies out there. https://twitter.com/vphreak/status/140262823...
My first special effect video using Final Cut Pro on green screen. https://twitter.com/vphreak/status/1367620885117464577?s=20
Demo on running Windows 10 on M1 MacBook Pro. https://twitter.com/vphreak/status/1367520215580504068?s=20
For Loops https://twitter.com/vphreak/status/1359529247438565376?s=20
Looping Colors from Array https://twitter.com/vphreak/status/1361053430962294785?s=20
What is Loops? https://twitter.com/vphreak/status/1358810584158937094?s=20
Explaining For Loops in American Sign Language. https://twitter.com/vphreak/status/1360450767300136960?s=20
Trying out WP API https://twitter.com/vphreak/status/1372236765352710144?s=20
I like to build stuff with blocks. https://twitter.com/vphreak/status/1373389361266397184?s=20